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Hiring the right attorney for your case

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Have you hired an attorney who took your money but hasn’t made any progress on your case? You’re not alone. Many times our clients are unhappy with the previous attorney they hired to defend their foreclosure suit.

During your initial consultation with a foreclosure attorney, you should end the meeting with concrete goals and a plan of action. As a client, it is your right to be updated regularly on the status of your case and your attorney should be able to show you the work that he or she has done to reach the desired outcome.

Recently we had a client come to our office with this exact dilemma. The previous attorney had advised him that the firm would work on attaining a modification on the client’s behalf while prolonging the foreclosure through bankruptcy. Months went by and the client didn’t hear from his attorney. The client actively attempted to reach the attorney by sending emails and making phone calls, but the attorney was always too busy to respond.

Finally, the client decided it was time to look for a new attorney, that is when he met with Graham Legal. Upon inspection of his paperwork and then reaching the bank, we learned that the previous counsel had never submitted the loan modification. We took immediate action, and submitted the application. Shortly thereafter, this client received a loan modification that suited him.

Lawyers that don’t specialize in foreclosure law might use less effective methods of working around a foreclosure suit. To avoid this situation, always thoroughly research an attorney and law firm before hiring them. Establish that the lawyer you’re working with is an expert in the area of law specific to your case, in this case bankruptcy law and foreclosure defense are related but not mutually exclusive thus it’s best to get opinions from an attorney that is experienced in each area.

Our foreclosure defense experts are happy to sit with you for a free no-obligation consultation.

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