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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer to Handle Your Loan Modification

Miami loan modification attorney
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It’s true, you can apply for a loan modification all on your own. So, why should you pay an attorney to do it for you? There are many reasons to seek the help of a qualified attorney for a loan modification, and each is rooted in making the process as easy and successful as possible.

We Have the Know-How

Chances are, you’re probably not an expert in loan modification. We have knowledge developed over years of study and practice when it comes to loan modification, and utilizing it will pay off for you. An experienced attorney knows the ins and outs of the process from application to appeal, and can determine whether you even qualify in the first place. Even better, we know all the tricks banks might throw at you, and can navigate through them. For example, if your servicer pursues the foreclosure while your loan modification application is being reviewed, they are impeding on your rights. The knowledge we possess in this area increases the likelihood that you’ll be granted a loan modification.

Save Yourself From Stressing

Relax, we’ve done this before. The loan modification application process is complicated and intimidating. Additionally, the process itself is time consuming, therefore many homeowners can’t give it the attention it needs. At Graham Legal we document every step of the loan modification process and diary regular follow ups to check in with the lender. Each call and contact is documented to prevent lenders from closing your application without giving you a fair and meaningful review. Having an attorney process your modification takes the pressure off of you, and puts it in the hands of someone who is much more likely to deliver the outcome you desire.

If you’re preparing to apply for a mortgage loan modification, we can help. Schedule a free consultation to learn about your options. A Miami loan modification attorney at Graham Legal can help you to determine if this is the right course of action, and if so, they will proceed accordingly.

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