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Hire a Miami foreclosure defense team, before a foreclosure is filed

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There are many reasons why someone may fall into foreclosure, quite often it is actually the lender’s fault. If banks were more willing to work with homeowners to modify their loan, foreclosures could be avoided. The government has made efforts to try to force the banks into making at least a good faith effort into assisting homeowners facing difficulties, but they don’t have actual control over the banks on a case-by-case basis.

For you, as a homeowner, this means that you need to play offensively against the bank. While many homeowners try to avoid hiring a Miami foreclosure defense team until there’s a sale date on the home, it is really much smarter to hire a defense attorney prior to a foreclosure case being filed.

Our Miami foreclosure defense team, at Graham Legal, will help you avoid foreclosure using methods that we have seen work many times before. We’re not going to lead you to believe that we have any huge secret tool or network that allows us methods of avoiding foreclosure; we just hit the bank hard with offensive tactics.

Banks and servicers are currently experiencing a flood of homeowners that are falling into default, and they are having a difficult time keeping up with all the applications for loan modification and refinancing. Due to the overwhelming amount of work they have, some cases slip unnoticed or the bank employees fail to fully investigate each case, resulting in a wrongfully unapproved modification in approximately one out of ten applications.

Our Miami foreclosure defense team will assist in filling out all forms correctly and will be very persistent in following up with the bank. Our team is well versed in dealing with banks, from how to speak to the representatives to keeping accurate and detailed records over every conversation and holding them to their promises.

If you have recently defaulted on your mortgage, don’t wait to schedule a consultation with our Miami foreclosure defense team. We’re ready to meet with you and prepare a plan to get you back on track with your mortgage.

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