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Hire a Miami foreclosure attorney before your home is sold

foreclosure defense attorney in Miami
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We see it all too often. Our office constantly receives calls and messages from those whose homes have already been sold at auction. In some instances, the sale can be vacated, and we’ve been successful with this in the past, but do know that options are limited after the sale. While we can do little after a home has already been sold, we would have been able to help a great deal if these people had sought out a foreclosure attorney sooner.

Find a Miami foreclosure attorney as soon as foreclosure is filed

The smartest thing you can do when foreclosure is filed by the bank or servicer, is seek out help and find the right foreclosure attorney to defend your case. By informing an attorney of your case right when the suit is filed, they will have 30 days to respond to the bank on your behalf, thus giving your case the best opportunity for success.

If you have not hired an attorney and the 30 days does pass, while not ideal, you still can benefit from looking for legal representation. Hiring a knowledgeable Miami foreclosure attorney to handle the rest of your proceedings will give you a greater chance of succeeding than nothing at all, which will always end poorly.

The problem is that anyone uneducated in the foreclosure process might assume that the Florida foreclosure process only has outcomes that are either black or white. In other words, the assumption is that you either keep the property or you don’t, but there is a whole gray area in between, such as deficiency waivers, how long the delinquent homeowner can continue living on the property, and even the possibility of a short sale. By not seeking the assistance of a lawyer, you’re setting yourself up for a host of negative outcomes.

You are not alone in your foreclosure defense

While you must face your foreclosure suit, know that you are not alone. Foreclosure is an issue that plagues many, particularly in Florida. Graham Legal has worked with all different types of foreclosure cases throughout the South Florida area and has the experience and knowledge to best represent your interest during the defense.

If  a foreclosure suit has been filed against your property, or you have questions about where to turn in your situation, we invite you to call Graham Legal and speak with an attorney today.

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