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Having trouble getting healthcare? You’re not alone.

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Florida is one of the states that has chosen not to expand Medicaid, which leaves many low-income residents without healthcare coverage and forces them to piecemeal their medical services. This is difficult, frustrating, and time consuming; things that someone with medical needs shouldn’t have to deal with.

Miami Herald recently published an article titled “850,000 Floridians stuck in healthcare limbo — and no solution in sight,” which details the lives of specific people in Florida affected by the very prominent, healthcare gap. In the story, counselors explain that people become frustrated when they learn that they cannot qualify for a subsidized healthcare plan because they earn too little.

The first thought that runs through each person’s mind is that Obamacare was meant to help people in need, this way everyone could have access to affordable healthcare. However, the piece of the puzzle that is meant to assist people under the poverty limit is the expansion of Medicaid and each state has the option whether or not to expand the coverage. Like Florida, most of the Republican-dominated states have elected not to expand Medicaid for those people earning below the poverty limit.

As of right now, qualification for Medicaid coverage is limited to poor children and adults who are disabled, pregnant or parents with dependents earning no more than $7,000 a year for a family of three. If Florida were to expand the Medicaid coverage, it would cover an additional 140,000 low-income adults in Miami-Dade alone.

Unfortunately, until Florida legislation changes, there isn’t much that can be done. The Miami Herald did provide a search tool that can help find free or low-cost clinics in Florida.

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