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Handling Landlord Tenant Disputes

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With any relationship, whether between a couple or two friends, there are bound to be disputes. The same is true for the relationship between a landlord and a tenant. However, if these kinds of disputes are not handled correctly can quickly lead to trouble for both parties involved.

Avoiding a Dispute

Minor disagreements can quickly snowball into a legal battle, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The best way to avoid this set of circumstances is to be knowledgeable about your rights as a landlord or tenant, and also to become familiar with the terms of the lease. Take some time to review the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s landlord/tenant laws for your state to ensure protocol is followed on both sides for any issues that may arise. When there is a problem, communicate quickly, calmly, and honestly with all those involved. In addition, be sure to keep documentation of any correspondence regarding the problem at hand. Should a minor dispute require a legal recourse, it’s important to have evidence to fall back on to protect your rights.

Dealing With Disputes When They Happen

Try as you may, disputes will happen. How you manage them once they arise will play a major role in determining the outcome. If a one-on-one conversation leaves you without a mutually agreed upon resolution, consider seeking out a mediator. This alternative to legal action can help both parties to come up with a compromise for little to no cost. Before setting your sights on a court battle, seek legal guidance to ensure you’ve exhausted all other efforts to remedy the situation. In the event that you have, small claims court will likely be the next step. Florida allows attorney representation in small claims court, but not all states do. As with any legal proceeding, the guidance of an attorney is advisable when permitted. If the dispute involves a dispute over a significant amount of money, you may be required to file a lawsuit instead.

If you are facing an issue with your landlord or tenant, don’t hesitate to get the legal advice needed to protect yourself. In addition to Miami foreclosure defense, our team of attorneys at Graham Legal hold expertise in handling landlord tenant disputes. Call our firm today to learn more about your rights, and get insight into how to approach your unique situation.

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