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Graham Legal saves another home from foreclosure!

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At Graham Legal, we take victories personally; a win for our client, is a win for us. That is why during our initial foreclosure consultation with a homeowner we take a thorough look at the details of their situation and the client’s desired outcome before deciding how to attack their particular case.

For this client, winning meant keeping her home. She came to our office with a foreclosure suit filed on her home on April 2010. Like many others in Miami, she and her family were facing financial duress during the recession. She simply could not afford to make her mortgage payments. This client came to us because she knew that she was in an unfair situation and she was not prepared to give up her home.

Knowing that our client was ready to fight for her home, we entered our Notice of Appearance in May and started taking all the necessary steps to win her home. Throughout nearly four years of litigation, our team undertook extensive discovery, even when the mortgage lender was uncooperative. The discovery efforts included taking deposition of the plaintiff’s trial witness. Depositions can prove to be very helpful if conducted by an experienced litigation attorney, as they were in this case.

While we were in the midst of conducting our research, the case was set for trial on March 2013. Dillon Graham successfully removed the case from the trial docket at that time by proving to the judge that the banks had been insubordinate during our research by not responding in a timely manner, as they are ordered to do. It wasn’t until almost a year later, in January 2014 that the case went to trial. At this point, our client had been living in her home for almost four years after the foreclosure was filed, without making any mortgage payments. However, the best part is that the plaintiff’s attorney was unable to prove the lender’s case at trial and had to enter a voluntary dismissal. In the end, the case is over and our client gets to keep her home.

If you’re facing foreclosure, we urge you to fight back. During the peak of lenders approving loan mortgages, many of the banks didn’t follow due diligence with filing paperwork and it resulted in the foreclosure crisis we are facing today. We can help you keep the home that is rightfully yours. Schedule an appointment with one of our foreclosure defense attorneys so that we can discuss your case.

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