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Graham Legal helps another family remain in their home

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We love to share our victories. Not only because it’s exciting to see our hard work pay off, but also because we want to remind our clients that there is hope and that the homeowner can win against the large banks and their foreclosure machine.

One of our most recent wins was on July 11th, against Bank of America in Fort Myers. The Lender filed the foreclosure lawsuit on January 19, 2010, on a $145,000 mortgage. Graham Legal entered the case on February 2010. The first step in defending this client was to quash the lender’s faulty service of process. The second step was taken by the Graham Legal team was to focus on the extensive discovery necessary to defend a Florida foreclosure case.

Discovery revealed four versions of the promissory note. Graham Legal deposed the lender’s trial witness, which confirmed that Plaintiff could not prove its case. The Lee County court granted Bank of America two trial continuances while the Lender scrambled to gather evidence to no avail. At the third and final trial setting, Ashley Arends, Esq. of Graham Legal, successfully argued that Bank of America should not be allowed another continuance, thereby forcing the lender to announce a voluntary dismissal.

And what does all this work lead to? The foreclosure suit is now over and this client is safe in his home. Our goal is always to attain our client’s objective, whether it’s staying in the home, providing time to save money and move, or to sell the home. If your home is in foreclosure and you need help, make an appointment immediately so that we may help you find a solution.

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