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Google self-driving car reports first injury accident

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Google Inc. has revealed that, for the first time in history, its self-driving prototype vehicle was involved in an injury accident. One aspect they have made crystal clear, however, is that the collision wasn’t their fault.

The injuries incurred by the front and rear seat passengers in Google’s car, as well as the driver of the vehicle that rear-ended them, were minor. Each complained of whiplash, and were all released from the hospital and cleared for work the next day.

Google claims that their self-driving cars have not been at fault in any of the 14 accidents they’ve been a part of, 11 of which dealt with Google’s automatic vehicle being rear ended by a human-operated car. These 14 accidents were compiled over 1.9 million miles of testing, and Chris Urmson, head of Google’s self-driving car program, states that “The clear theme is human error and inattention.” Urmson believes that this as a signal that Google is starting to compare favorably with human drivers, and they’re at the very least on the right track.

In the event of an accident involving Google’s self-driving cars, the process remains the same. Every one of Google’s automatic vehicles have drivers behind the wheel, ready to take over control if the need arises. If an accident occurs, the same steps as normal can be taken, as far as notifying insurance companies and reporting of the collision is concerned.

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