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Homeowners facing foreclosure need their rights defended by an expert Foreclosure Defense Miami team. At Graham Legal, P.A we understand the fear that comes with meeting with a foreclosure attorney, because costs are expected to be high. An individual who has fallen into foreclosure often times is just beginning to recover financially. The reality is that trying to defend a foreclosure without an attorney can have much costlier results.

Without good foreclosure defense in Miami the bank may continue to assess excessive fees and will likely be victor in the foreclosure case. Hiring good foreclosure defense will stall the foreclosure process allowing the homeowner to remain in the home for the duration of the suit. This can result in a tremendous amount of savings over the course of several years. Thus the monthly payments for foreclosure defense are offset by the lack of mortgage payment.

We have set up very reasonable packages that are paid with a moderate deposit followed by small monthly payments. This payment schedule works very well for our clients who know exactly what their monthly bills will be and can plan accordingly. There will never be any surprise bills during the entire foreclosure defense. Everything is included with the monthly fees. For those facing a challenging economic situation it’s impossible to receive unexpected bills that can many times go into the $1000s.

Good Foreclosure Defense in Miami has many benefits. For one thing, you can continue to live in your home during the foreclosure case or continue to collect rent from investment properties. Additionally, you can avoid a deficiency judgment on properties that may be underwater. Finally, you can expect to settle with the bank on much better terms or obtain a good loan modification that brings the principal balance to the market value of your home.

There are many reasons why hiring an affordable foreclosure defense Miami team should be considered. Not only will the cost of hiring an attorney be smaller than the cost of not hiring an attorney but, the benefits are tremendous. The first step in getting Graham Legal, P.A on your case is setting up a free no-obligation consultation.

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