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The Florida Hardest-Hit program and why it’s failing

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The Florida Hardest-Hit program is part of the efforts implemented by the Obama administration to assist in housing relief.  In theory, this program aids homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments, up to $18,000 in arrears within a one-year period. This program is particularly useful for someone that lost their job and just needs temporary assistance to get back on their feet.

However, light is being shed on the disheartening realization that the foreclosure crisis in Florida is simply too large of an undertaking for this program. Throughout the three years that the program has been in effect, they have consistently lowered the number of homeowners they expect to assist each year. Leaving many applicants without assistance and without answers.

It’s reported that the banks participating in the program and government-hired agencies send mixed messages to the homeowners applying for assistance. Pursuant to the rules of the Florida Hardest-Hit program, the bank is not to pursue foreclosure while the homeowner is receiving assistance. However, many banks have only respected this rule for a short period of time before moving forward with the foreclosure. These homeowners are led to believe that they are protected during this period of time and before they become aware of it, the bank has successfully foreclosed on their property.

We always want our clients to apply for and receive assistance that is available to them, thus we encourage and assist our clients with the application process. Unfortunately, homeowners cannot trust the bank or other entities to lookout in their individual best interest. It’s not necessarily because these entities are not trying to help, but because sometimes it’s just not possible to help every person. That is where we can help.

The Graham Legal team is here to back you, protect you from foreclosure, and to ensure that the process runs smoothly. If you’re in the midst of applying for any housing relief program or already applied and are waiting for a final decision, make an appointment with one of our foreclosure attorneys and we will assess where you stand and your points of vulnerability. This will help you be fully aware of anything the banks may try to do in order to foreclose on your home.

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