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Florida Gun Laws

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Misinformation about gun laws can lead to confusion regarding an individual’s rights to owning a firearm in Florida. Additionally, gun laws vary from state to state, which creates more misconceptions among the general public. Our Miami gun law attorneys understand the need to inform Floridians about laws which may be lesser known among the public. 

Legislature in the State of Florida, under the “Weapons and Firearms” policy, recognizes that adult citizens of the state retain their constitutional right to keep and bear firearms for hunting and sporting activities, as well as for the defense of self, family, home, business, and as collectibles.

A clear understanding of key regulations pertaining to legally owned firearms may prevent possible future infractions. We have included a few of these laws below for reference.

  • Florida residents must acquire a permit in order to legally carry a concealed weapon. A concealed carry license is valid for seven years and is honored throughout the state.
  • Florida does not require a permit for the purchase of firearms. However, there is a mandatory three-day waiting period (excluding weekends and legal holidays) between the purchase and delivery of any handgun. Those with a concealed weapon permit are exempt from this waiting period.
  • Employers are prohibited from preventing employees who are properly licensed under Florida law to carry a handgun, from storing a firearm inside their vehicle while it is parked on the employer’s property. The legally owned firearm must be placed inside a locked, privately-owned motor vehicle.
  • Under Florida law, if one is attacked in a location where he has  the lawful right to be in, there is no “duty to retreat.” This means that a person can meet force with force and stand his ground, if in a position where this individual (within reason) feels it is necessary to protect his life or the lives of others.
  • Florida law states that a person over the age of 18 traveling in a personal vehicle who does not have a concealed carry permit must keep the weapon security encased. This also applies to motorcycles.
  • A concealed carry permit does not allow for any person to carry a weapon or firearm into any place of nuisance, this includes police stations, courthouses, schools, detention facilities, or polling places.

When traveling with a firearm, it is suggested to research and familiarize yourself with the laws in each state. If you have additional questions for our Miami gun law attorneys, please contact the legal team at Graham Legal, P.A. today to schedule a free consultation.

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