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Florida Gun Law: Firearms in Vehicles

Florida Gun Law Attorney
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For some people, having a self-defense firearm inside their car makes them feel safer. It is important for them to understand the state laws concerning traveling with firearms. They can consult with a knowledgable Miami gun law attorney for more in-depth information and advice, the following is a brief overview.

Under Florida gun law, individuals 18 years of age and older have the right to possess a concealed firearm inside a private vehicle with a concealed carry permit or without a license, under two conditions.

Vehicle Carry Without License

Florida Statue 790.251(5) states that keeping a firearm in a private vehicle without a license is lawful if it is “securely encased” or “not readily accessible for immediate use.” The first condition dictates that the gun must be stored inside one of the following:

  • glove compartment (locked or unlocked)
  • holster
  • gun case or zippered gun case (locked or unlocked)
  • closed container (locked or unlocked)

The second condition prohibits the firearm being “carried on the person or within such close proximity and in such a manner that it can be retrieved and used as easily and quickly as if carried on the person.” A gun owner must satisfy at least one condition, he or she does not have to satisfy both conditions in order to legally keep a firearm inside their vehicle.

Florida is a “Take You Gun To Work” State

In 2008, Florida introduced laws that protect the right of gun owners to keep firearms inside their private vehicles while parked in a company’s parking lot. Whether the gun owner is a customer, employees, or invitee, a public or private employer may not prohibit them from storing their firearm inside their parked vehicle. Additionally, employers may not:

  • make inquires about the presence of a firearm inside a vehicle
  • take action against an employee, customer, or invitee based on the presence of a firearm inside their vehicle
  • condition employment based on the presence of a firearm inside their vehicle

There are certain exceptions within Florida gun law. Vehicle carry is prohibited within company cars as well as in the parking lots of schools, correctional institutions, and other types of properties.

If you or a loved one was lawfully storing a firearm in a private vehicle and now faces an unjust charge, call Graham Legal to speak with a Miami gun law attorney today. With our strong understanding of Florida gun law, we will represent you in court and defend your Second Amendment rights.

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