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Eviction Attorneys Give Tenants a Fighting Chance

Eviction Attorneys Give Tenants a Fighting Chance
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When it comes to eviction proceedings, having experienced legal counsel on your side is of utmost importance, as these type of proceedings are designed for tenants to fail. National estimates show that in eviction lawsuits, 90 percent of landlords have legal representation, while only ten percent of tenants do. It isn’t difficult to guess at the results of most eviction proceedings; tenants typically lose their case, which ultimately results in eviction. 

Eviction Can Have Devastating Consequences

Eviction isn’t only devastating for the tenant, but it also affects communities due to the fact that affordable rental homes become more scarce. Typically, someone facing eviction can’t afford the current rental cost but has likely been unable to find something for less. As more people are evicted, this evolves into an ever-increasing problem. Unsurprisingly, many American families rely on rentals, and this demand continues to make rental options increasingly limited and reasonably affordable rentals nearly impossible to find. 

Unfortunately, an alarming number of residents face significant trauma and disruption resulting from an eviction. Tenants are sometimes displaced without an eviction filling, resulting in forced move outs, landlord abuse, intimidation, and other tactics property owners take advantage of to bypass proper procedures. 

For many, an eviction can permeate every facet of their life, leaving them homeless—which can inevitably lead to unemployment, loss of child custody, and a disruption to their children’s education. 

How An Experienced Eviction Attorney Can Help

Without help in navigating complex court rules, legal processes, and settlement options, tenants don’t have a fair chance at justice. Many don’t even realize that they have certain options. In cases in which tenants have legal representation, the results of their eviction cases improve dramatically. An attorney defending a tenant will begin by obtaining formal legal protection and can even help secure the necessary funding for various programs to assist a tenant financially.

A tenant who receives an eviction notice should contact a lawyer immediately. An attorney will need the most amount of time possible to prepare a defense strategy, which may include finding holes in a landlord’s records or pointing out an improper eviction process. An eviction attorney may also recommend filing for bankruptcy to halt the eviction or be able to replace a court hearing with a voluntary mediation instead. 

During mediation, an attorney will more than likely be able to negotiate with a landlord. Resolutions that arise during landlord-tenant mediation are agreed to by both sides and tend to be mutually beneficial. 

Why Tenants Need A Professional Eviction Lawyer

Even without a mediation, research shows that tenants with legal representation are much more likely to avoid an eviction judgment and to keep possession of their homes, than unrepresented tenants. Additionally, tenants with legal representation also receive secondary benefits from having legal counsel. Secondary benefits include: keeping eviction filings off a tenants’ record (ensuring that credit does not become affected), arranging for alternative housing, negotiating reasonable amounts of time for tenants to move out, reducing or eliminating money owed to the landlord, or even helping tenants apply for rental assistance. 

Safe, affordable, and accessible housing is the right of every American family and is necessary for stability, social and economic well-being, and mental and physical health. 

If you are looking for legal representation regarding a possible eviction, contact Graham Legal, P.A., for a free consultation. 

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