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Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

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Minor personal injury claims can sometimes be worked out without the assistance of an attorney. However, not having an attorney by your side for complicated personal injury matters can prove to be detrimental. By not gaining the full recovery you deserve, you may not have enough funds to cover all of your treatment and recovery process. But how exactly do you know when to hire a personal injury lawyer?

Certain personal injury cases naturally need the assistance of personal injury lawyer. Described below are specific situations when you should contact an attorney immediately:

Severe injuries: Injuries that are long-term, disabling, or disfiguring are difficult to quantify into monetary value. Insurance companies will usually try to lowball any offers to the injured person, but as the potential for a higher recovery increases, the wider their range for an offer becomes. A myriad of factors are taken into consideration when determining the amount owed to the injured person, the worse the injury, the more complex the variables become.

Medical malpractice: Harm caused by a negligent doctor or medical staff should always be handled by a personal injury lawyer. Medical malpractice in particular falls into an area of law that is highly complex, thus it’s advisable to have an expert that is familiar with this this specific type of law.

When insurance companies act in bad faith: An injury takes a toll on you and your family – mentally, emotionally, and financially. With so many facets of your life being compromised due to the negligence of another person or company, it’s unfair that insurance companies often withhold payment. If an insurance company denies legitimacy of a claim or delays promised payment, meet with an insurance agent immediately.

In general, the circumstances described above are situations that need a lawyer, but the rules aren’t set in stone. If you have any doubt whether you need a personal injury attorney, make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers, where we can discuss your case and remove any doubt.

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