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Dillon Graham to Answer Foreclosure Questions Live

Miami foreclosure defense attorney
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If you’re facing foreclosure, it’s understandable that you may have questions and concerns. In fact, you likely have many questions. What you may not have, however, are answers, and that’s where Graham Legal managing partner Dillon Graham comes in. As a Miami foreclosure attorney, Dillon has dedicated himself to protecting the rights of homeowners. His latest method of informing homeowners is through #AskGraham. This is a Facebook Live event in which anyone can pose questions about foreclosure in Florida and get the answers they need to be protected, as well as gain insight into steps one needs to take when foreclose is imminent.


Dillon will be hosting #AskGraham on Wednesday, November 16 at 12 p.m. from his Miami office, but users can partake from anywhere they have internet access. With this information exchange, Dillon hopes to put answers to your most pressing questions about foreclosure at your fingertips. Whether you’re at work or sitting on your couch, you can ask a highly experienced Miami foreclosure attorney about any part of the foreclosure process you are unsure of. Better yet, you can ask such questions free of charge. The live session will be guided by questions asked by users, with Dillon providing insightful answers along the way.

An event like this is certainly not the norm in the legal industry, but we hope to change that. If you are hit with a foreclosure, knowledge is the best tool for securing a favorable outcome. Dillon always provides that invaluable knowledge to our clients, but hopes to extend his reach even further with #AskGraham. Ultimately, the live session will also serve to build upon our firm’s founding belief that that everyone deserves quality legal representation regardless of income, background, or situation. That includes you, and we’re here to provide it.

Are you ready to get your questions answered? Sign up  for the #AskGraham Q&A session today! If you need your questions about foreclosure answered sooner, call our office now to schedule a free consultation with a Miami foreclosure attorney.

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