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Common concerns of foreclosure

Miami Foreclosure Law
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The impact of the stress on both the mental and physical health of an individual facing foreclosure remains a growing concern. Working with homeowners facing foreclosure, we see the effect of the stress caused by foreclosure on the homeowner and their respective families. Our goal, as Miami foreclosure defense attorneys is to do everything in our power to remove this particular burden from the homeowner. We accomplish this by reassuring them that their home is in the best hands possible because we do have their best interest at heart, and by giving them our promise that regardless of the outcome, we will be by their side providing them with the tools necessary to readjust their lives after foreclosure.

Listed below you will find some of the stress-inducing concerns of homeowners in foreclosure and how we can help with each of those concerns:

Not knowing how long you will be able to live in your property before being evicted. We can’t give you an exact answer for this, no one can. However, hiring an attorney will extend the duration of your case and during the final judgment; we can usually negotiate with the bank for them to allow you 60 to 90 days to move out.

Worrying about how you will save the money to relocate when necessary. While we’re defending your home, you will not be making mortgage payments, and we offer a low monthly fee to keep our representation affordable. This will allow you to save for several months in preparation for relocation. In certain instances, we may be able to work out a cash-for-keys deal where the servicer will provide you with funds to use towards moving in exchange for leaving the property in good, re-sellable conditions.

Knowing whether there is an alternative solution that will allow you to keep your home. When we meet for the first time, we’ll go over all the options you have available. Our firm specializes in foreclosures, thus we will offer several alternatives.

Not understanding the Florida foreclosure legal system. We provide our client comfort by explaining the entire process. Not only do we give you an overview when we meet during the initial consultation, but we also provide you with copies of our court filings. We will also call you to explain any step that is of particular importance to you. And of course, our team is always available to answer questions during the foreclosure case.

Having to frequently check in with the bank during the modification process. Banks and servicers are often difficult to work with and you need to follow up with them frequently. Someone that is inexperienced in working with banks may become frustrated by how difficult and time consuming this can be. Our team handles all of it in-house, and we’re readily available to provide updates on our progress.

Ensuring that you have properly documented all conversations and interactions with the bank, in the event that the bank doesn’t fulfill its promise. In addition to constant follow-ups, when working with banks and servicers, one must be particularly mindful to document all communications, including: telephone conversations, emails, and physical correspondence. Our office keeps printed copies of the communications and backup copies in the server even long after the case is closed.

Here we have discussed the most common concerns we are presented with by clients when they first meet with us. If there are any additional questions you would like answers for, call us, we’re here to help.

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