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Collecting Evidence After a Car Accident

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After a car accident has occurred, there are steps an individual can take to collect critical information to be used in the pursuit of compensation for damages and injuries. The evidence should be collected immediately following a crash, as details are compromised as time passes. However, priority should be placed on everyone involved receiving the necessary medical attention. The personal injury attorneys at Graham Legal, P.A. are providing a list of vital information for victims to compile after an automobile accident. 

Police Report

The most important piece of evidence to obtain is the police report. Whether or not officers arrive to the scene of an accident, individuals involved can still file a report at their nearest police precinct. These documents will be used when filing a claim with insurance, receiving compensation, and creating a case.  

Photos of the Scene

Photos are a quick way for those involved in an accident to store important details for reference at a later time. The most important pictures to take at the scene of an accident are those of visible injuries, vehicle damage, and of the area from different angles. Additionally, anything that may have contributed to the accident should be photographed, including debris on the road or malfunctioning traffic signals.

Testimonies from Witnesses

Obtaining accounts of the accident from witnesses is another way to gather potentially valuable information. Names and contact information should be collected, along with the details of their recollection of the crash. 

Those involved in the wreck can also record their own personal notes involving the accident. This will serve to help recall the details and order  of events as time passes for use in court if necessary. 

Medical Records

Even if an individual does not sustain severe injuries following a car crash, documentation of medical visits should be maintained for the claim. This includes all paperwork received from physicians immediately following the wreck, as well all related medical follow-ups. 

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, contact the personal injury attorneys at Graham Legal, P.A. today. Our team is available to answer questions regarding a potential case.

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