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Can an attorney be hired after foreclosure has been filed?

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If foreclosure has already been filed for your home it may not be too late to seek legal representation. Foreclosure cases usually move along quickly when there isn’t a defense attorney on file–thus the best scenario would be to hire an attorney as soon as you receive notice that a complaint has been filed. That being said, a foreclosure defense attorney can become involved at almost any point throughout the case.

The key to ensuring that the attorney you hire is able to start working effectively on your case is to provide them with any information they may need to jump right in. When scheduling your consultation ask exactly what documents they will need you to take to the meeting. In addition to any specific documents they request, take any correspondence from the mortgage lender and two months’ worth of financial documents, including bank statements and pay stubs. These are the typical documents an attorney will require to begin the loan modification process or negotiations with the bank.

Don’t be ashamed to speak to an attorney after the foreclosure has been in progress for some time; we understand that financial circumstances may have made it difficult to afford representation from the beginning. That is precisely why we are willing to work with our clients in terms of payment structure. Also, keep in mind that a consultation with an attorney is free. A consultation will not bind you to hiring the attorney, however, you will become better informed.

If a foreclosure suit has been filed against you, regardless of when, call today to schedule a free consultation.

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