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Borrowers have a right to be informed about conditions of their loans

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No one can deny that it’s a good idea to follow up on banks every so often, even if you think everything is running smoothly. Particularly when it comes to your home loan, you don’t want any surprises. We recommend you send a request for information to your mortgage loan servicer annually, just to review how your payments are being applied and that there isn’t anything of which you may be unaware.

Thanks to a recently implemented Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rule, the process for requesting information from the bank or servicer is quite simple. You may request information over the phone, but if they are unable to give you all the details you’re requesting, then you may write a letter directly to the servicer requesting this information.

Be sure to include the following information on your letter:

  • Account holder’s name
  • Address
  • Mortgage account number
  • Specific information you are requesting

Do not include the letter on a payment form, make sure you use a clean sheet that is directly addressed to the correct department. Also, confirm that you have the right address and department.

Servicer’s response:

The servicer must send you a letter of acknowledgement within five business days from receiving your request, and they must respond within 30 business days from receiving the request for information. You can expect for the response to include either the requested information in writing or an explanation as to why the information is not currently available with a 15-day request extension by the servicer.

If you find an error that must be addressed, you should file a dispute with your servicer. Once the error has been corrected, be sure to request confirmation in writing from the servicer. If the servicer is being uncooperative and it is affecting your loan or payment history, contact a foreclosure attorney in Miami immediately.

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