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Banks are Forced to Respect Your Rights

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One of the biggest complaints we hear from clients, is that the mortgage loan bank is harassing them incessantly. At Graham Legal, we take action to stop the harassing phone calls and letters from the bank. The fact is, that once the debtor hires legal representation, they should no longer be contacted directly by the bank. As your representation, all bank communication should be done through us.

As a reminder to the banking industry, Judge Karen Jennemann, in Orlando, Fla., gave Bank of America a $220,000 sanction for repeated violations regarding a loan-modification agreement. It is imperative to keep in mind that the consumer can only prevail if they have proper representation to make these arrangements for them. It is understandable that many times the consumer facing a foreclosure doesn’t have much available income, but it is important to also consider the protection of your rights when assessing the value of hiring a bankruptcy or foreclosure attorney.

Defendants in bankruptcy and foreclosure cases have rights. It is disappointing that banks have a tendency to overlook certain procedural rules, to try to get ahead. However, your attorney has the power to punish and send a message to the lenders when they are up to their tricks. The key is for you, as the client, to know your rights and to communicate this information to your foreclosure lawyer.

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