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Attorney Marilyn Byrd quickly settles personal injury cases

Personal Injury Cases
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Marilyn Byrd isn’t just experienced in legally advocating for the rights of those injured, but she also has extensive experience in providing those injured with medical care. She earned her Bachelor in Science in Nursing from Barry University and her Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University Law School. While in law school, she was employed as a nurse in several South Florida hospitals, giving her an edge in defending victims of personal injury.

Those who have suffered a personal injury are often faced with lengthy cases. These cases can drag on for several years before they can recover the costs associated with the incident. However, Marilyn’s extensive medical knowledge, coupled with her in-depth knowledge of personal injury law, give her the unique ability to quickly resolve cases. A case that settles quickly is a major benefit to the client, who ends up with a larger recovery. When a case drags on for several years, more money is spent and the client ends up with a smaller recovery.

This very unique skill in settling personal injury cases is what makes her such a great addition to the Graham Legal team and a heaven-sent for the clients she represents. Adjusters will often make outlandish medical references that can cause delays. Once an adjuster makes a claim, the attorney must typically consult with a medical expert. The medical expert will then explain the medical reference and provide the explanations necessary to refute the claim. Those delay tactics don’t work with Marilyn, due to her in-depth medical knowledge and her ability to refute adjusters’ claims while still on the phone call. As a result, she is able to settle cases outside of court and with the most recovery possible.

Prior to her years in the legal field, Marilyn gained first-hand experience dealing with the devastation caused by injuries, which gave her the motivation to fight for the rights of those victims. It is because of this background in nursing that she believes in working tirelessly to settle cases as quickly as possible.

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