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Are Guns Permitted in Polling Places?

Gun Law South Florida
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The Presidential election is right around the corner, and gun control has been a hot topic on the campaign trail. However, the laws gun owners and officials alike are curious about right now are not those which will be made after the election, but those which impact the polling process. Namely, are gun owners permitted to carry fire arms while casting their ballots?

Not a Simple “Yes” Or “No” In All States

The question of whether voters may bring guns into polling places is not one which has been posed in past elections. Due to this, many states do not even have laws in place dictating whether or not doing so is within one’s rights as a gun owner. However, this presidential election has brought with it threats of voter intimidation, an act which of course is illegal in and of itself. Thus, it’s important that gun owners be well informed of what rights they do or don’t have in order to avoid legal repercussions when the time comes to vote.

Florida’s Law

While some states may not have the laws in place to answer this question, Florida is not one of them. Guns are prohibited in polling places within the state of Florida (whether concealed or not), thus gun owners should be mindful of leaving firearms at home on November 8. There are some exceptions, such as for law enforcement officers who have been permitted to vote while on duty and whom are obligated to carry their weapon. However, for the average gun owner, Florida law is clear on this issue: one is not to vote with a gun in tow.

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