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Another victory for Graham Legal

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At Graham Legal, we take every case personally. Each client has their unique set of circumstances and every foreclosure suit strongly affects each family. We see firsthand the duress that foreclosure puts on our clients, and we empathize. As such, we are always excited to share our victories.

In this particular case, our client came to us for help three years ago. She was desperate and frightened because she lost her job during the economic downturn and wasn’t able to continue making her mortgage payments. Due to her keen foresight, she knew that it was better to take action, rather than just let the mortgage lender take her home.  That is when she came to our office for a free consultation and we setup a plan of action to defend her foreclosure suit.

Many families have faced similar financial troubles, particularly over the past few years. It’s not the fault of the individual homeowners that they are facing hardships. Considering that financial difficulty is being felt by families nationwide, banks have been instructed by the government to do their due diligence in assisting homeowners who are trying to get back on their feet.

We have been restlessly fighting our client’s case for three years. Three years of keeping our client in her home since the foreclosure suit was filed. After all the hard work, we are excited to announce that our client’s case was dismissed.

What this means to our client is that she doesn’t have an active foreclosure suit against her. Our client will stay in her home for a further extended amount of time, without worrying about making any mortgage payments. Furthermore, the mortgage lender does not have the right to harass our client while she continues to reside on the property.

We are very happy for our client, whose case was dismissed just before the holidays. All families facing financial problems deserve to have someone to stand up for them and represent their rights. If you’re facing foreclosure, make an appointment at Graham Legal as soon as possible, consultations are free and we want to help.

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