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Achieving Results with Loan Modifications

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Do you have an attorney working on your foreclosure case that isn’t getting the results you want? Something we’ve learned from experience is that many firms that aren’t foreclosure defense experts are simply not diligent enough when submitting loan modification applications.

One reason that attorneys fail to achieve results with loan modifications is that they don’t have the personnel dedicated to submitting the paperwork to the banks. Anyone that has dealt with a bank’s remediation department knows exactly how difficult they are to work with, mainly because they’re overwhelmed with paperwork and aren’t keeping accurate records of the documents they receive.

This is why we assign someone from our team, which has been extensively trained, to submit the loan modification application for our clients. The proof that our system works is in our successful  loan modification results obtained for our clients.

Case-in-point, we recently received a modification for a client who had previously hired another attorney to represent their case and had applied for a loan modification on his behalf. They hired said attorney shortly after the foreclosure suit was filed in September 2009. This attorney took their case and their money, but failed to provide any results. After a few years of being patient, this client left their previous attorney, and hired us to defend their case.

The first thing we did was aggressively defend the foreclosure suit, since modifications are never a certain guarantee it shouldn’t be relied on. However, once we received all of the documentation required by the bank, we proceeded to submit the loan modification application for our client. Being extremely thorough with the application is one of the precautions we take to ensure that the bank will process it quickly.

We are happy to announce that this client was offered a loan modification with great terms and the case is now officially closed. Results don’t happen overnight, but doing things right the first time around will achieve results faster.

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