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Our Firm

Graham Legal, P.A. is a law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of homeowners and accident victims.

We defend the rights of good people who want to avoid foreclosure, stay in their home, or find a reasonable alternative to foreclosure. We stand up against greedy lenders who are largely to blame for the economic crash that Americans recently experienced. We take pride in defending the rights of homeowners who deserve to keep their home.

Our team of personal injury attorneys protects those who fall victim to the negligence of others by seeking full compensation for them. We are a team of compassionate, caring and highly skilled personal injury attorneys dedicated to defending accident and injury victims across South Florida.


Graham Legal was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a fair chance regardless of income, background, or situation. This is why we have taken a keen interest in fighting for the rights of homeowners, who have fallen into foreclosure. Good people in large masses have fallen victim to the financial corruption that is still prevalent today.

Foreclosure defense is a relatively new area of law, brought into focus during the housing bubble-burst around 2006. Consequently many other law firms saw a potential to add foreclosure defense to their repertoire of provided services, without taking the time to properly form defense practices that are specific to foreclosure cases.

Foreclosure defense is a field of its own, real estate lawyers and bankruptcy lawyers will not know the best arguments. At Graham Legal we made foreclosure defense our sole focus, which allowed us to refine our skills in this new area of law. Using our skills as litigation attorneys as the foundation of our practice has allowed us to become highly successful in negotiating the best possible outcome for our clients. Ultimately, our combined experience and relentless nature of wanting what is best for the hardworking individuals we represent, motivates us to win.

Defending victims of personal injury is where we got our start, and continue to excel. For over thirty years we have been getting exceptional results for our personal injury clients. We are highly skilled and caring professionals dedicated to helping each client achieve their rightful recovery. We fight to ensure every client can take care of both their current and future medical expenses, and that they are fairly compensated for any loses resulting from the injury.

Track Record:

At Graham Legal, our attorneys will fight for your home as if was their own . Our foreclosure defense track record serves as evidence that our passion, highly specialized skill and talent all come together to ensure that we achieve each of our client’s objectives. Every situation is different and we give each case the individual attention it needs, and the dedication each client deserves. Some clients come to the consultation seeking guidance, others want to keep their home, and some clients just want to move past the foreclosure. We’re here to make sure that they not only get what they want, but that each negotiation term we agree to is the best one possible, and if the bank isn’t willing to cooperate then we will fight them tooth and nail.

We work with homeowners to figure out the best course of action. We define our success as a measure of our ability to achieve our clients’ objectives. We take pride in our ability to provide homeowners with various options to relieve them from the possibility of losing their home and owing the lender a large sum of money. We give every client peace of mind and the opportunity to get back on their feet.

For over 30 years, we have helped clients throughout South Florida to receive just compensation for injuries that have occurred due to the negligence of others. We have obtained favorable verdicts and settlements for an overwhelming number of victims in personal injury. As proven by our successful track record we have the resources and experience to get you the recovery your deserve. 


What We Stand For:

We are an ethical law firm. We will defend a client’s case the right way, not by using delay tactics or questionable methods. During the free consultation we will discuss your best options, come to an agreement, and do everything possible to achieve your desired goal.  

We believe in keeping you informed throughout the duration of your case. Many attorneys feel that they don’t have the time to communicate regularly with their clients, but we understand and our sensitive to the fact that you need to be informed. We know that going through a foreclosure can be a very stressful time, and being in the dark doesn’t make it easier. One way in which we help to ease the stress is by keeping clients abreast of any actions taken and why they were taken.

It is important for our clients to understand that, we are here for them. We pride ourselves on regular communication but, if our clients have questions in between, our knowledgeable staff is readily available to help. We are in the business of helping clients during this difficult time, regardless of the level of involvement.


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