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Our Approach

Our Approach:

Graham Legal, P.A. will do everything possible to protect the rights of clients whether they are homeowners facing foreclosure or personal injury victims. We treat each case with the attention it deserves and work towards reaching the client’s desired outcome. Every client has a unique situation and specific needs, we will work together to create a course of action that is specific to your case.

We are always up to date on the most current foreclosure law and legal strategies. We are well equipped to effectively and successfully fight against an unreasonable lender or the negligent party and their insurance.

We follow through during every step of the case. From beginning to end, we make sure that the home lenders are accountable for what they are legally obligated to do and we make sure they do it right. We want our clients to rest assured knowing that when their case reaches a resolution, it was done correctly.  Due to the high numbers of foreclosure cases, many law firms become sloppy and have difficulty keeping track of their cases. We avoid missteps by carefully monitoring the court docket on every case we represent and send a status report to our clients if we find any changes. This is an extra step that many foreclosure firms don’t take because it is time consuming, but we consider it to be necessary in order to ensure that the opposing party isn’t getting anything past us.


Who We Serve:

We assist homeowners who want to stop a foreclosure. It’s as simple as that. We believe that every individual deserves to have their rights represented regardless of income or background. Every home has a value that cannot be measured monetarily, and that is what we fight for.

We defend Florida foreclosures on single-family homes, condominiums, HUD foreclosures, and any other form of home foreclosure.

We defend personal injury victims who want to recover as much money possible from their injuries and lost wages. Each client deserves to achieve the highest level of recovery for both their physical and financial expenses. We tirelessly fight on behalf of victims to recover current and future medical and rehabilitation expenses, as well as compensation for other losses resulting from the injury.

Our client base extends throughout the state of Florida, including Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Monroe County. We are experienced in serving homeowners and personal injury victims in many legal jurisdictions throughout Florida, and have the expertise to do so.

Language is no barrier, at Graham Legal we always have a diverse staff available who speak Spanish to assist those in our Hispanic community. We feel that having a team composed of individuals that can relate and communicate effectively with our clients is invaluable.


What you can expect:

When you call you can expect to be treated compassionately and speak to a foreclosure expert member who will listen to the details of your case and take notes to prepare you for the consultation with one of our attorneys. During the telephone conversation you will have the opportunity to have your concerns addressed and time-sensitive questions answered.

During the consultation we will customize a plan of action for your particular situation. Not all cases are exactly the same and every client has their own set of concerns and desired outcome, thus it is important that we provide each client with a comprehensive plan that is molded specifically for them. In doing so, we will explain the foreclosure process, our defense strategies, and possible outcomes. Depending on the situation, we may suggest ways of keeping the home, including loan modification programs and other forms of negotiation, or ways of releasing the property with lesser consequences. Furthermore, we are forthright with the homeowners that come in for a consultation, if they can remedy their situation without an attorney we let them know right away.


What we will do:

At Graham Legal, our attorneys will use all of their combined expertise, knowledge and background as civil trial lawyers to win your case. When we take on a foreclosure case, we have at least five goals in mind: (1) defend the homeowner and prevent default, (2) stop the lender from obtaining summary judgment, (3) win the case by dismissal or offensive summary judgment, (4) win at trial, and (5) obtain our client’s desired final outcome.

The team at Graham Legal ensures that all homeowners’ rights are respected by lenders. Every foreclosure case has a multitude of defenses available to the homeowner. We are skilled and experienced in asserting these defenses. As expert foreclosure defense attorneys, we know how to position lenders so that the burden of proof is evident and lies solely on the bank. If the lender cannot prove its case with admissible evidence, then the homeowner must win as a matter of law.

We also provide foreclosure defense clients with a variety of options that are available to them. Through our experience in assisting homeowners keep their home, we have mastered the complexities involved in loan modifications, lender agreements and other mortgage options. We explain each of the options, along with the list of benefits and potential pitfalls and we are prepared to diligently move forward in whichever direction our client chooses.


Stay in your home:

By defending the foreclosure, homeowners stay in their home longer. Every case and situation is different. However, our clients are able to remain in their home throughout the duration of the case without making any mortgage payments. This can be anywhere from six months to over four years. Giving the client enough time to either find a resolution where they can keep their home, or provide them the necessary time to save sufficient funds to move into another home.

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