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A Foreclosure Attorney the silver lining

foreclosure defense attorney in Miami
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Many people were caught by surprise with the quick downfall of the economy in the mid-2000s. Even as we approach a full decade from when the recession began, many people are still struggling to recover financially. In order to cope with lower income, many families turned to credit cards and other forms of debt, thinking that recovery would come much quicker.

While having a foreclosure suit filed has many negative consequences, there is a silver lining that many homeowners have found. The long process of foreclosure has afforded many people the possibility to pay off other debts. All foreclosure cases are different and extend for varying lengths of time.

One fact that does remain is that foreclosure cases last longer when a foreclosure attorney is representing the homeowner. Of course, you might fear that the cost of hiring a foreclosure attorney could offset the savings potential from not making mortgage payments, but we can assure you that our firm specifically designed the payment structure to help our clients and not burden them with overwhelming costs.

Foreclosure cases normally take longer when a foreclosure attorney is involved; the litigation itself takes longer because there are more formalities and investigations that must be attended to. Throughout the duration of the foreclosure case, homeowners do not make mortgage payments, allowing them to save and pay off debt. In addition to extending the length of the case, our team provides updates to our clients regularly, which we find is reassuring to clients who aren’t very familiar with the legal system.

If you’re facing foreclosure and have other debts, make an appointment with our foreclosure attorney. Together we can create a plan to pay down your debts and defend your foreclosure. During our free no-obligation consultation you will gain insight into your foreclosure alternatives.

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