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4 Types of Foreclosure Scams


Homeowners faced with foreclosure will often become targets of fraudulent solutions to their financial difficulties. Dishonest individuals will contact struggling debtors by mail, phone call, text message, or email with deceitful offers to eliminate mortgage debt. Any business that is capable of offering legitimate assistance […]

Homeowners Association Foreclosure Filing

An Introduction to Homeowners Association Foreclosure Filing in Florida At Graham Legal, our HOA foreclosure attorneys are experts in managing the details required for Associations to recover non-payment from delinquent homeowners. HOA’s and COA’s have multiple options available to pursue and secure unpaid HOA fees […]

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HOA Foreclosures


Many homeowners are unaware that while they may be up to date on their mortgage payments, falling behind on homeowners association (HOA) or condominium association (COA) dues may also lead to possible foreclosure on their home. Missed HOA payments mean that homeowners are responsible not […]

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