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99 Homes exposes the shady truth during Florida’s foreclosure crisis

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Foreclosures, scams, and violence characterized last decade’s housing market collapse in the Sunshine State. No state was hit harder than Florida during this period, one in which many families found themselves evicted and thrown out on the street without notice. 99 Homes, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, depicts the heartbreak and emotion experienced by many during this unique time.

The film is directed by Ramin Bahrani, and stars renowned actors Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon. Previously, Garfield amazed as Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network, and also as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider Man trilogy. Actress Laura Dern accompanies the two in the film with a prominent role as well.

After losing his home to eviction, Dennis Nash (played by Garfield) finds himself working for the real estate broker who evicted his family just days earlier. Abandoning morals and ethics, Nash joins in on the scams, violence, and danger brought on by the foreclosure crisis.

In order to research their roles, Shannon and Garfield shadowed real estate brokers and Floridian residents that were affected by the housing collapse. Garfield revealed that many of those he met with “felt betrayed and not taken care of by their country.” This mindset is squashed by a specific line from Shannon’s character in the film, where he advises, “Don’t get emotional about real estate. Homes are just boxes.” 99 Homes hopes to expose this ruthless, inhuman attitude held by banks and brokers, and also the monumental effect it had on victims of the foreclosure crisis. 99 Homes will be in theaters everywhere October 9th.

Though the light at the end of the tunnel is certainly in sight, the state of Florida still tops the nation in terms of total number of foreclosures. If you are currently battling foreclosure, or want to learn more about your options should you be presented with foreclosure in the future, Graham Legal can help. We invite you to schedule an appointment with an experienced Miami foreclosure attorney from our team today.

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