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5 Mistakes That Jeopardize a Personal Injury Case

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Accidents that warrant a personal injury case are usually unexpected, and thus many are unsure what steps to take to bolster their case following the event. For this reason, it is not uncommon for victims to make critical mistakes that threaten their chance at receiving a fair settlement for their pain and suffering.

A personal injury attorney in Miami can help you avoid these costly mistakes, and ours are sharing five of the top mistakes we see personal injury victims make.

1. Failing to Seek Medical Care

After an injury, it is essential to see a doctor immediately after the accident. This is true even if you do not believe yourself to have an injury at first. A doctor will evaluate you to determine what kind of medical care is needed to ensure not only your well-being but the potential for a personal injury case later on. Furthermore, it is vital that you undergo any recommended continuing medical care. Otherwise, you risk the insurance company arguing your injury is not severe enough to warrant the settlement you deserve.

2. Neglecting to Document Everything

From the time of the accident to the point you receive a fair settlement, you should document every last detail pertaining to your case. This begins with contacting the police and reporting the incident. However, be cautious when providing the police or your insurance adjuster with your statement. Stating that you do not have any injuries could be detrimental if an injury later presents itself.

You should also take down the contact information of any witnesses, as well as taking photos and even videos right at the scene. Additionally, hang on to all medical bills and take notes following all appointments with your doctor. Finally, document in detail any lost wages or income that can be tied to your injury. Sharing this information with your attorney will serve to strengthen your case.

3. Wrongfully Estimating the Severity of Injuries

For some, accepting the extent of an injury can be hard. Thus, it’s not uncommon for personal injury victims to downplay their injuries, to the point where they might even ignore a doctor’s orders to take it easy. This kind of behavior is inadvisable. It threatens the healing process, as well as your chances of securing a fair settlement.

In that same regard, overestimating your injuries can be equally harmful. If you request a settlement that is too high, you could end up missing out on a fair offer entirely. Additionally, if your overvalued amount is based on dishonesty about the extent of your injuries, you threaten your credibility and thus the likelihood that you will be awarded a settlement. Honesty is key, especially with your personal injury attorney.

4. Discussing the Details of the Case

Talking about any aspect of the case with anyone other than your attorney should be avoided at all costs. When you’ve enlisted an attorney to represent you, any communication with your insurance company or other parties involved should go through legal counsel. These aren’t the only individuals to avoid sharing details of the case with. Even a seemingly innocent social media post shared with “friends” could wind up in the courtroom and hinder your case.

5. Going It Alone

Failing to enlist a reputable personal injury attorney in Miami is one of the biggest mistakes a personal injury sufferer can make. That’s because the right attorney can help you avoid each of the aforementioned errors, as well as countless others. Some of these include settling too early or accepting the first offer you’re given. Unfortunately, an insurance company does not always have your best interests at heart, but your attorney’s role is to ensure your rights are not infringed upon as a result.

Are you in need of legal guidance for your own personal injury case? Our attorneys are always here to help you seek justice. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

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