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5 Leading Causes of Accidents in the Home

Miami personal injury attorney
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When most people think of their homes, a sense of safety is often associated with it. Everyone knows the world is full of dangers, but one’s house is typically a place where they go to retreat from said dangers. So what if we were to say that a home is a personal injury case waiting to happen? There are many things in a house which can easily cause injuries, and it is important that homeowners be informed about such threats and know what to do if an injury occurs.

So what areas of the home are most likely associated to personal injury (link to personal injury page) cases? Here are the leading causes of home-related injuries:

  • Cleaning Products. Most cleaning products come covered with warnings, but unfortunately those warnings can still be easily overlooked. Proper storage is essential for ensuring cleaning products don’t prove deadly. Supplies should be kept away from children, pets, and flammable materials in order to prevent accidental poisoning and combustion.
  • Appliances & Furniture. Furniture and large appliances can be extremely dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. A child’s dresser (link to blog: “Major Recall of Ikea Dressers”) could easily crush them if not anchored to a wall, and a microwave could quickly catch fire if it malfunctions or is used improperly. Homeowners should take all necessary measures to ensure these fixtures are not a danger to others, whether in use or not.
  • Clutter. With clutter, often comes chaos. Everyday items can quickly turn dangerous when not properly stored. Stacking too many items on an old shelf could cause it to collapse and hurt someone, and if those items include toxins (like paint cans often do), the injuries could be all the more troublesome. Belongings should be stored neatly and carefully to prevent injuries.
  • Falls. As they say, what goes up, must come down. The Home Safety Council sites falling as the top cause of death in home-related accidents. Be sure to have proper railings installed both indoors and outdoors, keeping in mind particular areas where slipping and falling are more likely to happen. For instance, grab bars in the shower are essential for preventing falls, especially when there are elderly individuals or children living in the home.
  • Water. A bathtub or pool might not seem like a scary place, but danger lurks there nonetheless. Drowning ranks fifth when considering causes of death in the home, and even the best swimmers can fall victim. Never allow small children to swim or bathe alone, for doing so can quickly turn tragic. Additionally, it is advisable to install a fence to keep children and animals away from a pool or pond when they are not being supervised by an adult.

How to Handle Injuries at Home

Whether the injured person is the homeowner or a visitor, fast action is key for getting justice. If a homeowner falls victim to an injury in his or her own home that stems from an unsafe product, or a service which was performed poorly (such as a faulty deck installation which leads to a collapse that produces injuries) — a personal injury claim should be made. Should the injury take place in someone else’s home, that person has the option to make a claim with the homeowner’s home insurance provider. In either instance, a Miami personal injury attorney can help a homeowner collect damages.

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury and believe you have a claim for a personal injury suit, our team of experts can advise you on how to proceed. With any personal injury case, a reputable Miami personal injury attorney is essential for obtaining a favorable result. Call our office today to get the process started.

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