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4 Ways to Practice Summer Safety in Florida

Summer Safety in Florida
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With summer officially underway, being informed about common injuries during South Florida’s warmer months is of the utmost importance. The season is known for producing more injuries, likely due to children being out of school and families spending more time outdoors.

Our Miami personal injury attorneys have compiled a list of the four best ways to avoid being involved in a personal injury case this summer, so that you and your family can focus on enjoying the season.

1. Be a Cautious Boater

One of the most popular summer activities for Floridians is boating, as there are plenty of crystal blue waters to explore in the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, boats are also notorious for being a location where accidents are prevalent. It is important that you and anyone aboard your boat always wear a life jacket. Likewise, all laws should be abided by when out on the water, particularly those concerning drinking and boating. As a rule of thumb, it is best to avoid drinking at all when captaining a boat. If you suffer an injury as the result of another person drinking and boating, you have a personal injury case.

2. Supervise Children Swimming

The leading cause of death for children in Florida is drowning, and it can always be prevented. Whether at the beach or at home, always supervise children when swimming. Even a child who know how to swim can fall victim to drowning due to exhaustion or other unforeseeable circumstances. If your home has a pool, install a gate and be sure that young child cannot access it without the help of an adult.

3. Be Cognizant of Heightened Temperatures

Summers in Florida are known for being incredibly warm, yet most people do not realize the dangers posed by the heat. High temperatures can easily cause heatstrokes and other health issues if an individual is not prepared, particularly for children and the elderly. Always stay hydrated and wear plenty of sunscreen when out in the Florida heat, and ensure that those in your care who need assistance staying safe in the sun get it.

4. Be Careful Around Hazardous Materials

Whether you are having a barbecue or lighting fireworks, safety is crucial. Both grills and fireworks can produce painful and even fatal burns and injuries if not used properly. If you are injured as a result of poor manufacturing or another person’s misuse of these materials, a personal injury case should be explored.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to an injury this summer due to another individual’s negligence, our team is here to see you through it. Some lawyers might use these summer months as an extended vacation, but we are dedicated to protecting your rights no matter the season. If you’re in need of a free consultation, our Miami personal injury attorneys skilled are always just a call away.

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