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Seek help from a Coral Gables personal injury attorney if involved in a motorcycle accident

Coral Gables personal injury attorney

Motorcycle accidents are all too common. The majority of the people in Miami know at least one person that has been involved in a motorcycle accident. Tragically, most of these accidents are fatal because there isn’t much to protect the motorcyclists from other cars or […]

Foreclosure crisis may see a resurgence according to analysts

Foreclosure crises

Despite foreclosure filings dropping and an improving economy, many financial analysts suspect that there will be another round of foreclosure, particularly in Florida which is the leading state in foreclosures. With over 300,000 cases still pending and half-a-million delinquent homeowners, it’s difficult to figure out […]

Renters: beware of fraud!

Renters: Beware of Fraud

Fannie Mae has recently put out alerts of widespread fraudulent rental scams. Families facing financial difficulties are more susceptible to these types of scams. Thus, they have become the target for scam artists who wish to take advantage of their vulnerability. There are two types […]

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