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Personal Injury

Personal Injury:

Personal injury is the result of any physical or emotional injury caused to a person, due to the negligent act of another. The term “accident” doesn’t excuse anyone from liability. The fact is that everyone has a duty to be mindful and not cause any intentional or unintentional harm to those around them. This is why an experienced Miami personal injury attorney is one of the first people you should contact after an incident.

Those who fall victim to the negligent behaviors of others should not feel ashamed to speak to a Miami personal injury attorney. As a victim you are entitled to collect payment on damages. There is no need to feel guilty–the amount recovered is accurately calculated, and the negligent party should be held responsible.

The recovery amount varies widely in any case and is dependent on the severity of injury, how long treatment will be required, any effects it may have on one’s ability to return to work, interference with everyday activities, and/or emotional distress caused. Our Miami personal injury attorneys at Graham Legal, P.A. will recover the amount that is owed to our clients by learning about every facet of our clients’ lives in-depth and scrutinizing every detail of the accident.

Personal injury process in Miami:

One of our main goals during the free initial consultation is to understand the life of the injured party and evaluate the case, prior to beginning any litigation. We would never advise a potential client to go forward with filing a personal injury case unless we are sure that there’s a valid claim, thus it’s imperative that we have all the facts from the very beginning.

Having every single detail of the accident and the days that followed are key components to ensuring that we don’t settle for a single dollar less than what you deserve. With this information our Miami personal injury team will formulate the amount that the client is due, and file a claim to begin the lawsuit.

An experienced Miami personal injury attorney, such as ours, will proceed with due diligence in filing discovery requests. Discovery is the process of requesting information and supporting evidence from the opposing party, witnesses, and experts. The documentation is used to strengthen the case, thus making the defendant more likely to settle on the terms dictated by our attorneys, or alternatively, make a stronger statement in court if the case goes before a judge.

Once we determine fault and have all our research in order, we will implement a strategy to get the amount in damages that is rightfully due to our client. With research on the plaintiff’s side, we will have the upper hand when negotiating a settlement with the insurance company or opposing party. While most Miami personal injury cases end in a settlement, the Graham Legal, P.A. team is always prepared to take the matter to court. Dillon Graham has over 30 years of experience litigating personal injury cases, and will fight tooth and nail to get you the awarded amount you are owed.

Why Graham Legal as your Miami personal injury attorney:

For anyone looking for an experienced, honest, and hardworking Miami personal injury attorney, then look no further than Graham Legal, P.A. During the initial consultation the attorneys at Graham Legal will be able to quickly discern whether there is a valid claim that can be taken to court, and if there isn’t, the attorney will advise as such and try to provide a viable alternative. Sometimes, a case is simple enough that the victim can easily get their settlement by communicating with the insurance company, if that’s the case our attorneys will gladly offer guidance.

If you have any questions about a potential case, feel free to call our office and speak to our team of personal injury attorneys in Miami.

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